It’s The Right Time To Buy A Home…And The Wrong Time!

Is it the right time to buy real estate right now? Yes. Is it the wrong time? Yes. How about selling? Right time? Yes. Wrong time? Yes. It really depends on you and your particular situation. For example, if you are looking to upgrade right now then take advantage of the current market conditions. The gap between what you have and what you want is considerably less then it was 6 months ago. Strike while the iron is hot. However, let’s say you are looking to downsize. It could be both the wrong time and the right time. The argument for “wrong” would be that the money you are putting in the bank after the two transactions is less than it would be in a rising market. Maybe you want to wait. The argument for the “right” would be that while you may not be putting quite as much money in the bank, that would be offset by the benefits you would derive from turn-key living. Lock the door of your new condo and travel worry-free. Everything depends on you personally, on your situation. I would love to discuss your situation with you. Contact me anytime.


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