Open House Etiquette

To people visiting Open Houses, here are a few rules:

1. Please tell the truth. If you’re a neighbour and you just want to see how your neighbour lives, that’s fine. If you are looking for renovation / decorating ideas for your own home, that’s fine too. If you are thinking of listing your home for sale (even with another realtor, perish the thought) and want to see how yours stacks up against this one, that’s fine. If your realtor has sent you to see this home, please don’t pretend that you are not working with a realtor and get my hopes up; it’s fine that you are looking at this Open House without your agent. My philosophy is that the more people that see my Open House, the better. It may not be right for you but perhaps it will come to mind when you are talking with a friend seeking to move. Please be truthful with me; you can count on me being truthful with you.

2. Please be pleasant. Enough said.

Two rules, that’s it. Follow these and I can almost guarantee that you will have a pleasant Open House experience.

Note: I do have one other rule that applies to agents and that is that they identify themselves as agents. The best way to do that is to hand me a business card when you come in the door. Please don’t pretend that your are a potential buyer in the hopes that I will be more forthcoming with information on the property. If you’re an agent and you are looking for market information on the area, I am more than happy to share what I know. Sowing seeds of cooperation with agents usually reaps me a harvest of the same down the road.


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