Landscaping Blunders

Here are some common blunders and suggestions on how you can remedy them:
1. Lawn ornament overkill. Too many ornaments in your yard take away from the natural beauty of the landscape. Less is more.
2. Improper plant locations. It is imperative to take into consideration the proper sunlight and exposure your plants will need. Read the tags on the plants when you buy them.
3. Scalping the lawn. Your lawn has different requirements throughout the year. In the cooler weather it’s ok to cut it shorter so that sunlight can penetrate the soil. In the summer keep it longer to maximize water retention and promote soil shade.
4. Picking the wrong plants. Plants should be picked not because they look good but because they are appropriate for your yard.
5. Pruning. Many plants do well when pruned but over-pruning or doing it at the wrong time can harm a plant. Visit a gardening centre or read a book on the right way to do it.

– adapted from an article in the NSN.


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