Population Density (People Per Square Kilometre)

New York City 10,194
Toronto 3,939
Vancouver 735.6
British Columbia 4.4
Canada 3.5

Source: Greater Vancouver Regional Development

The Dixie Chicks sing of “wide open spaces” and it certainly is that over here. New York City is almost 14 times as crowded as Vancouver. I love it here!

2 Responses to Population Density (People Per Square Kilometre)

  1. Whenever I go back to Vancouver – I left in 1990 – I’m astounded at how crowded the place has become. I have a brother living in Langley. He says to me, get on the freeway by 2pm or you won’t be at my place ’til after 7. The city is choking on cars.

    • mikegiesbrecht says:

      It can definitely be slow-going during the day and particularly when you have to cross the bridge. Thanks for your comment.

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