Relationships and Real Estate

There are many parallels between real estate and relationships. One of them that comes to mind is the whole area of difficult conversations. I have difficult conversations all the time, both in the relationship sphere as well as the real estate sphere. For instance, in real estate, I might have to say to a client just before I am about to hand her the keys to her new home, “Do you remember how we wrote into the contract that the seller would have the place professionally cleaned before the time of completion? Well, as it turns out, his idea of clean is different than that of yours and the rest of society.

In the relationship sphere, a difficult conversation might go something like this:
“Hi, my name is Mike Giesbrecht.
Would you like to go out to dinner sometime?
Would you like to take some time to consider your response before answering so quickly?
Is there anything I can say or do that would move you along the continuum from no to yes?
Ah, no.
You hesitated.
I thought I was going to sneeze.
So, no is your final answer?
Yes. No. I mean whatever the answer is that says I don’t want to go out with you, that’s the answer.”


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