Yogurt and Real Estate

One way to charge more is to deliver less. I don’t know if you look closely at yogurt containers but 750 g was the standard and now it’s 650 g. Did the price go down? Nope. The containers are virtually identical, there’s just less in there. So the yogurt companies are really charging more for yogurt than they were before, but they have been a little sneaky about it. Why not just keep the same container and charge more?

There are some who think realtors all deliver the same service and thus go with the cheapest one. Anyone who has been involved in a number of transactions with different realtors should know that there are varying levels of value brought to the table. Ask your realtor what value they offer and compare that to what others say. In the same way that I look closely at yogurt containers, I encourage you to look closely at what value your realtor is offering. Don’t get caught working with someone who is charging more by delivering less.


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