Dirty Dozen

The post today doesn’t really have a real estate component to it but I’m writing it because I care about the people reading it, many of whom are clients with whom I do real estate. Being the New Year and all, there is lots of talk about making healthier food choices. I have been slow to get on the “Organic Train,” but I found this article in the January issue of Men’s Health and it got me thinking. The article makes reference to the Environmental Working Group which states that you can reduce your pesticide exposure by nearly 80 percent simply by choosing organic versions of the 12 fruits and vegetables shown in its tests to contain the highest pesticide load. It’s called the Dirty Dozen and in order of pesticide load, they are:
– peaches
– apples
– bell peppers
– celery
– nectarines
– strawberries
– cherries
– kale
– lettuce
– imported grapes
– carrots
– pears

I am making a list, putting it in my glove compartment and will be taking it with me when I go grocery shopping for now on.


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