Top 6 Winter Activities In Vancouver

1. Skiing / Snowboarding – There are 3 mountains nearby, including Grouse, Cypress and Seymour. And of course a little further away you will find the world-renowned Whistler.
2. Sailing – some of the best sailing times happen during winter months because of the wind and because Vancouver’s mild weather makes sailing possible most of the year.
3. Golfing – Most of Vancouver’s golf clubs operate year round. It’s true that Vancouverites can ski in the morning and golf in the afternoon.
4. Tennis – On those occasions when winter weather produces a dry spell, Vancouver’s tennis courts get busy.
5. Swimming – The odd hardy person is known to venture into Vancouver’s outdoor swimming areas for a quick dip and on the January 1st Polar Bear Swim, thousands of people fearlessly wade into the Pacific.
6. Olympics – Number 6 on the list, but really it should be number 1 for this year as the Winter Olympics are being hosted by Vancouver. It’s going to be a fantastic February!

– from Vancouver Book of Everything


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