Living on the Quiet Side of the Building

When you’re reading the remarks for a real estate listing, you will often come across the phrase, “situated on the quiet side of the building.” As realtors, we do our best to put a positive spin on things, so it is not very often you will see, “situated on the noisier side of the building.” It’s just like when you’re first dating someone. You put your best foot forward and try to bring attention to your positive attributes (I hear listening is an attractive quality), while minimizing the less than positive ones. Eventually, your less-appealing attributes will come out, but hopefully they will seem insignificant in light of all the positives. So to tie this back to real estate, the less-appealing features of a home will come out too, but in the light of the positive attributes. It’s your decision after that what you want to do with the information you have been given and with what you have been able to observe firsthand.


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